Holiday house on the south coast of Kenya
Holiday house on the south coast of Kenya

NEW!!! The Amani House on the south coast of Kenya

New at The Amani House at the south coast of Kenya

This beautiful house is located right at the Indian Ocean south of Mombasa and can be booked with us.

Details about the accommodation, the prices and the environment are coming soon.

Holiday house on the south coast of Kenya

60 km south of Mombasa, the Amani House is located in a wonderful position on the edge of the local village, Msambweni. Just 150 meters away from the fine white sandy beach, which the south coast of Kenya is famously known for.

The Amani House is a beautiful place to relax and accommodates up to 10 people.

The privately run house along with its lovely garden was built in 2006 in a traditional Kenyan style and is decorated with local materials. It features a living space of 400 sqm including four bedrooms(4pax bedroom,3pax bedroom, 2pax bedroom, 1pax bedroom), a living room, three bathrooms with toilets and showers, as well as three additional outdoor showers.

The kitchen and large dining area are separate from the main house. The dining areas high ceilings and courtyard enchant you along with the beautiful sounds of the Indian Ocean as you are enjoying every meal of the day.

A huge, partly covered and partly planted with palms panoramic terrace with spectacular views of the Indian Ocean invites you to relax and just soak in the lovely atmosphere.

The staircase from the cliff is around 150m which leads you directly to the beach.


The idyllic location of Msambweni is situated on a beautiful, untouched, natural beach on the south coast which offers both privacy and seclusion, the basic requirement for a relaxing holiday. As well as a large range of some of the most attractive destinations in relative proximity for example the tourist center in (30 minutes away by car).


Various recreational activities can be found in the navigation.

About 30 km northeast of Msambweni are the Shimba Hills, a small but beautifully landscaped reserve, which was established in the 60s to protect the last Kenyan sable antelope. You are surrounded by steep cliffs and dense rainforest interspersed with park-like grass clearings, where buffalo, sable antelope and giraffes are grazing. Even elephants are frequently seen. This is worth a day trip from the house.

The Tsavo - East and West National Park, either driving along the Mombasa – Nairobi highway or by plane in about 35 minutes. Daily flights are available from Ukunda Airstrip (about 30 km north of Msambweni) to all major Kenyan parks.

The Amboseli National Park is a national park located in southwestern Kenya, on the border of Kenya and Tanzania. Here a population of African elephants maintain their age distribution and generation structure. Among the approximately 800 elephants are also old cows and bulls, so that the rich and complex social behavior of elephants can be observed.

For a special experience, a trip to the Massai Mara is also possible, which is best reachable from the Ukunda airstrip where a direct flight can be taken which takes about 2 hours. This is yet another incredible animal kingdom, it is a unique experience to observe the variety of animals in their nature.

Deep sea fishing

The Kenyan coast is a gem for all kinds of water sports from kite surfing to deep-sea fishing. The entire region, but in particular the fishing grounds off Kilifi Creek on the north coast or Wasini Island, a few kilometers from Msambweni. 


The Kenyan coast is a globally recognized area for its glorious reef. The reef covers the entire coastline, and especially the inlets between Shimoni and Wasini- or Funzi-Island are ideal areas for both equipment and snorkeling. Diving tours and training courses are available in most of the larger hotels, such as the Leopard Beach Hotel on Diani Beach. Life in the reef has recovered somewhat from the devastation caused by El Ninjo again and there are many coral fish being observed. Frequently large sea turtles come regularly year-round. There are now numerous supervised and protected areas on the north coast to allowing the turtles to lay their eggs on the beaches. In Wasini dolphins are frequently spotted, they can be approached up to a few meters.

Golf and Tennis

Almost any of the larger hotels have tennis courts that can be used by guests. A golf course is located on the grounds of the Leisure Lodge Golf Club in Diani.

Water sports

The areas inside the reef are very suitable at high tide for the exercise of a wide variety of water sports including waterskiing, jet skiing, windsurfing and kite surfing, are offered for the learners and of course courses on the south coast are offered by several operators.

Boat Tours

A few years ago the old-fashioned Arab gliders from the coast of Kenya had almost disappeared. However after they had recognized their tourist benefits, the last remaining dhows have been restored and now provided for a pure "Sindbad feeling".

Boat trips with these romantic sailing ships are offered at both the South- and North Coast. Due to the short distance from the house (20 minute drive) lend themselves to the half-day tours with the starting points of Shimoni and Ramisi. The highlight of the Tour are the snorkel dives and dolphin watching in the sea between Wasini Island and Shimoni, whereas, offered by other operators of the neighboring Shirazi village a tour on a lovely long boat along the Ramisi River is made possible, where you may be lucky to see some crocodiles.

Some of these ships are still fully rigged and with a favorable wind, the machine is shut down for a while and the boat sails silently.

Tamarind Dhow

A special experience is the Tamarind Dhow. Under this name the Tamarind, one of the best dining restaurants in East Africa organizes evening dhow rides in the inlet around the island Mombasa. Guests are pampered with a cooked on board dinner and entertained with good live music.

If you're very lucky, the silhouette of the old fort in clear weather is illuminated by the full moon which floats above the water level is visible. You will not forget a night as such very easily.

If you don’t mind a bit of a greater distance (a good 80 km from the holiday house), the dhow ride before the mouth of the very scenic Mtwapa Creek on the north coast is also recommended.


- Swimming in the Indian Ocean
- Relax far from the tourist hotels
- Room for up to 10 people
- approx. 400m² living are
- Enormous view
- A superb cook
- From just 17€ per person & night!
- much more...

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