Webdesign, SEO and Consulting


Webdesign, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Consulting.

Webdesign, SEO Freeancer from Berlin

Webdesign, SEO Freeancer from Berlin


...created the website for African Footprints Ltd. and has been working for many years to keep it up to date.

Furthermore, since June 2012, africanfootprints.de is hosted on a carbon-neutral-server at matthiasklenk.de. Last but not least - after the redesign of the website - africanfootprints.de is managed with the enterprise-class, Open Source CMS, TYPO3!

The new website for the self-catering cottages was also created by Matthias Klenk.


Sandai Farm Kenya P.O. Box 1518 | Nyeri 10100, Kenya
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