Social & Environmental Projects

Sandai: Windmill for Water Supply
Sandai: Windmill for Water Supply

Sandai is not connected to the local water supply or to the power grid.

That is why renewable energy is of particular importance to us.

Solar Energy for Hot Water Supply

Sandai: Solar System for Hot Water
Sandai: Solar System for Hot Water

The farm produces hot water through solar systems. Power is mainly generated through photovoltaic systems.

Carbon Neutral Hosting

Carbon Neutral Hosting - TYPO3 Hosting
TYPO3 Hosting

This website in now hosted CO2-neutral.

This includes the use of green electricity and the use of power-saving hardware in the data center.

More information about carbon neutral TYPO3 Hosting at

Windmill to Supply Water

Sandai: Windmill to Supply Water
Sandai: Windmill to Supply Water

A windmill is pumping water from a well to bigger water reservoirs, where also rainwater gets collected.
Wastewater gets partly filtered for re-useage or is collected in a pit drainage.

Children's home in Isiolo

Sandai: Support the children's home in Isiolo

Sandai supports the children's home in Isiolo.

You too can help by purchasing your amazon goods via the following link:

For more information please see travel literature.

Small Biogas Plant for Gas Production

Sandai: Biogas Plant
Sandai: Biogas Plant

A small biogas plant has been installed on Sandai Farm. The gas produced is used for cooking.

Not to forget the simple solar cookers which are used daily.

Reforestation Program in Kenya

Sandai: Reforestation Program Kenya
Sandai: Reforestation Program

Twice a year Sandai is initiating tree planting on the farm, but also with nearby kenyan schools, institutions and private farms. Sandai is an active member of an environmental group called, Aberdare Conservation Action Group of Kenya.

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