Safari to the Solio Park

Safari Solio Ranch: White Rhino
Safari Solio Ranch: White Rhino

With a picnic basket you set off for a half-day safari to Solio Game Reserve, a big farm owned by a family. 

A large area is fenced off for the white and black rhinos.

The almost extinct rhinos are protected here from poachers and can therefore breed in full peace. The Solio Game Park has a fascinating landscape and on safe picnic sites you can enjoy your meal.

Solio-Ranch can also be found on Wikipedia.

Solio on Wikipedia

Safari Solio Ranch: Male Lion
Safari Solio: Young Lioness
Safari Solio Ranch: Zebra
Safari Solio: Zebra
Safari Solio Ranch: Female Lion
Safari Solio: Lioness
Safari Solio Ranch: Giraffe
Safari Solio: Giraffe
Safari Solio Ranch: Lion Cub
Safari Solio: Picnik under an Acacia
Safari Solio Ranch: Picnic under an Acacia
Safari Solio: White Rhino
Safari Solio: Buffalo
Safari Solio: White Rhino's Bum
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