Further Activities

Sandai: Land Rover, Land Cruiser
Sandai: Land Rover, Land Cruiser

Here we present you a choice of further activities which you can enjoy during your stay at Sandai.

Sandai: Jackson-Chameleon
Sandai: Jackson-Chameleon
  • Walk on the Farm, with Nature Guide
  • Bird watching, the farm has over 160 listed different species
  • Safari to Samburu, maybe stay at a lodge or camp.
  • Safari to Lake Naivasha, Lake Baringo or Lake Boggoria
  • Safari to Mt. Kenya, overnight at Castle Lodge.
  • Safari to Mountain Lodge at Mt. Kenya with a nature walk
  • Trip to Nairobi, with visit to Karen Blixens Museum, National Museum or Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage.
  • You can always join Petra on her shopping tours into Nyeri Town, go and see the market, or visit Baden Powells Museum at the Outspan Hotel. Don’t forget to have a coffee there.
  • Petra is also very happy to introduce you to some of her environmental projects she runs with the communities, e.g. afforestation projects in schools.
  • Sight seeing flights in light aeroplanes can be organized.
  • The latest offer is to follow a trail on horse or hiking over some days. You will travel from different guest houses to camps, or only choose to stay in some of the offered guest houses. Ask for details.
  • And what about Nordic Walking in Africa? Short walks and day walks possible with overnight camping. Ask for details, or just bring your walking sticks.
  • Special romantic safaris and stays in lodges for honeymoon couples can be arranged.
  • If you want to spend some time at the Indian Ocean, Petra can has got the right place for you to stay.
  • In case you want to escape the European winter, Petra offers special rates for long term guests, starting from one month and above.
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